[csvsearch src=‘/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/test2.csv’] [filtersearch search_element=‘table’]

[csvsearch // url to uploaded file src=‘/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/test2.csv’ // charset of file charset=‘iso-8859-1’ // format the output format=‘{b}{0}{/b}, {1}, {2}{br/}’ // format the output with link format=“{a href='{0}’}{1}{/a}” // format the output with image format=“{img src='{0}’ /}” // search label searchtext=‘search’ // format for output when instant search instantformat=‘{0}’ // instant search enabled or not instantsearch=‘false’ // data ID format, i.e. what to put in data-id of the listed element. dataidformat=“{0}” // change the item separator depending on type of csv file used csv_separator=‘;’ // change the nothing found message nothing_found_message=‘Nothing found when searching for:// If true, the shortcode will only find exact matches, case sensitive. Default false. exact_match=‘false’ // Add text where search-result will be placed. Default none. placeholder_text=‘Place some default text before searching.// If you only want to search in one specific column you can specify this. If you only want to search in the first column you enter 0 here. Remove this argument or add -1 to search in all columns. only_search_in_column=‘2’ ]

[filtersearch // what DOM element to search in, use element type, .class_name or #id search_element= // show table header or not when filtering show_header_in_table=‘false’ // filter heading text=‘Page filter’ // class to style clear icon clear_icon_class=‘delete-icon’ // clear filter text clear_text=‘Clear’ // enable or disable to set focus in filter input element on page load set_focus_on_load=‘true’ ]